Hi, I’m Britney! Welcome to Perfectly Imperfect Mama.

Perfectly Imperfect Mama: Love Your Life & Live Your Dreams

Nobody is perfect, but I’m a firm believer that we need imperfections. They help us learn, grow, and better ourselves. As a type-A, list obsessed mama with a perfectionist mindset, I’ve had my fair share of moments where I feel like a complete failure–moments where I’m sure I’m failing my husband, my kids, my friends, myself. Through these moments, I’ve learned (and re-learned and will probably continue to re-learn) a lot about loving myself.

Moms, we’ve GOT to love ourselves!

But sometimes it’s hard to see the good we’ve done. While stuck in the day-to-day reality of helping with homework, changing diapers, and cleaning up spilled Cheerios for what seems like the millionth time, it’s hard to recognize the positive impact we’re making. As women, we tend to have more ambition than we can keep track of. We’re constantly trying to better ourselves, reach new goals, or learn something new. This causes us to forget just how amazing we already are.

The purpose of Perfectly Imperfect Mama is to help moms become their best selves while loving who they are right now.

Here at Perfectly Imperfect Mama, I’ll talk about creating your dream life, loving yourself, and all things home & family. Plus, because I’m obsessed with books and reading, you’ll probably see a lot of that too. Expect to see new posts every Wednesday.

The Perfectly Imperfect Family

Perfectly Imperfect Mama: Love Your Life & Live Your Dreams

The Mom: Britney

  • Lover of bright colors, Disneyland, and notebooks
  • Podcast addict
  • Never finished Harry Potter (I know, I know…It’s on my to-do list 🤷‍♀️)
  • Would choose the zombie apocalypse over the stomach flu

The Dad: Jess

  • Attorney
  • Short story writer
  • Giant teddy bear
  • Won’t admit he loves the dog (but he totally loves the dog…)

The Boy: Ryan

  • Tender hearted
  • Lego obsessed
  • Measures coolness by how often a person uses the word “dude”
  • He’s not a player, but he crushes a lot

The Girl: Roxy

  • Total Daddy’s Girl
  • Loves to dance
  • Licks everything (including walls at amusement parks 🤢)
  • Favorite word: hi-yah (which she yells as she chases the dog with her toy sword)

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