Journaling can seem overwhelming, but with a few small tweaks in your thinking process, journaling can have real purpose and meaning in your every day life.

How to Journal with a Purpose

Oh, the dreaded journaling post! Write in a journal, they say. If you don’t, one day you’ll regret it! Keep a journal for your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. They’ll love reading about your life and how much has changed. If you don’t write it down, you’ll forget it! Just thinking about journaling makes me […] Read more…

There are SO many benefits to reading as an adult. Here are six of the best!

6 Reasons You Should Love Reading

Reading as an adult is an interesting subject, and I’m guessing there are two very different reactions to this post title: She can’t tell me why I should love reading. I already do love reading! Reading is the absolute worst. She’s so not gonna convince me of this. Now there are some people in the […] Read more…

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